"They do the simple things thoroughly and the complicated well. As a source of claims handling expertise or just plain good old fashioned advice, they are there to help with vehicle related enquiries. If they do not know the answer they will either research it for us or point us to someone who does. "

About CMA

Claims Management & Adjusting Limited (CMA) is now recognised as one of the industry’s leading adjusters for the management, investigation and resolution of insurance claims. A niche operator, CMA has built a time honoured reputation for handling complex theft, accident and personal injury claims requiring careful investigation, efficient case management and fair, balanced reporting.

CMA was formed in 1994. In 2006, Philip Swift completed a management buyout of the company and began a continuous improvement in its claims handling and investigation processes.

The company now represents over 20 insurance companies, self-insured (generally those with a large ‘excess’), solicitors, claims handling organisations and brokers. With a national network of over 70 field agents, CMA handles many claims from start to finish, often difficult, complex cases with questions surrounding liability, value and validity. CMA is in constant communication with law enforcement bodies and industry groups to ensure both client and consumer are represented in the drive to improve efficiency and veracity in the claim lifecycle.

The company’s success in providing the insurance industry with consistently high quality investigations and claims handling, together with exemplary customer care and turnaround times is reflected in its consistent growth.

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