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IMPORTANT Information to help your vehicle insurance claim to progress smoothly, promptly, efficiently …..


VERY IMPORTANT – please obtain a licence check code and provide this to us ASAP.  For more information Click here


Your insurer will, understandably, require your vehicle documents.  We live in an age of computers, of access (reasonable and authorized) to data and will do what we can to assist you to locate the document history needed – an unique facility exists for those whose claims we handle:

click here – to learn how you can ensure copies of the documents we need can be provided quickly, relativity effortlessly:

  • V5C – Registration Certificate (formerly, Registration Document, ‘log book’) – click here for more information
  • MoT – The Ministry of Transport, VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) test certificate – click here for more information

Please ensure that you have received a crime number from the police and that they have recorded the vehicle as stolen.  The police will not release the information to insurers, or ourselves, without your consent.  This consent MUST be in a format that is consistent with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) & the Association of British Insurers (ABI) Memorandum of Understanding on the Exchange of Information between the Police, Insurance Companies and Loss Adjusters (June 2014).

To obtain the police report we will need to follow the MoU process which:

  • requires a number of signatures.
  • Constabularies will endeavor to reply within 30 working days [s4.1 appendix D(b)]


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