"The attitude toward the insured is admirable; we'd never previously dealt with a company that has a cradle to grave knowledge of the vehicle theft environment; from understanding the mechanics of the theft to assisting the innocent purchaser of a stolen vehicle, CMA understand the entire process and speak confidently to our policyholders."


Network IT

We believe in having resilience within our systems, we operate a Windows Server incorporating raid level 5 hard drives; this allows the hot swapping of hard drives in the event of a hard disk failure. Key computers have backup battery systems as indeed our telephone system has, our telephone system can be used for five hours on batteries. We have back up printers and fax machines. This spare capacity enables us to maintain service standards in the event of mechanical or supply failures.

  • Our system is monitored remotely by our IT support team who undertake regular hardware and software analysis and onsite visits to ensure it is functioning at its optimum.
  • Our anti-virus software on all our workstations is automatically updated on a daily basis.
  • We have ISDN and ADSL communication facilities protected by a sophisticated firewall.
  • Closed files are scanned and can be e-mailed as PDF years later.
  • We maintain daily backups in a fireproof safe on and off the premises.

MI System

We recently launched our upgraded bespoke Management Information system ‘Chandler’ which allows clients 24 hour online access to their claims and the claims associated with their company.

Data Intelligence Projects

As part of our ongoing commitment to bringing the latest information technology into the claims investigation process, we continue to develop the data acquisition and mining capabilities of our platform vehicle database; VRMData.

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