MoT Certificate

MoT information is readily available on-line and in reality, the document should no longer be relied upon by anyone – you, us, your insurer etc.

  • You MUST check the MoT history on-line pre-purchase.  we need to check the the on-line records relating to your vehicle.

Some years ago, when the latest version of the MoT was beginning to appear we asked question of VOSA being concerned that the MoT was being printed on A4 paper obtained by the testing station from any source they saw fit.  Gone were the days of an MoT whose paper was supplied by the Ministry of Transport, had ‘security features’ (in-built, secret markers that could help us to identify forgeries and stolen forms. We raised a concern that MoT’s could easily be forged now.  VOSA responded:

The paper MoT is no more than a receipt, it should not be relied upon but the online record accessed.

To our mind this needs to be better publicized.

A brief account of the MoT (and excise licence) can be ascertained by clicking here. hwoever, we will need to see the MoT detail and this will require us either to be provided the:

  • MOT serial number or
  • V5C Document Reference Number

the V5C Document reference Number can be found on the front page of the V5c, about halfway down, on the right.

To err on the side of caution take a note of this number which is likely in the format 1234 567 8901 i.e. 11 numerals.

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