• Indemnity
  • Liability
  • Locus reports
  • Witness statements

Whether we are instructed to handle an entire claim, specific aspects of a claim or assist your professional advisers in a complex or larger loss, we make use of the latest industry initiatives and technologies to add value to the investigation.

Every claim is the subject of a pre-interview desktop enquiry to cross check information provided on file or by the insured, third party or witnesses. We prepare diligently for interviews or before a local representative is sent into the field.

We provide locus reports where our local representative will compile a detailed plan with measurements, take photographs and comment upon site features and any influencing factors.

We carry out low velocity impact investigations where there is suspicion of exaggeration of injuries unlikely to be caused by minor ‘bumps’ at ‘walking pace’. We obtain detailed statements from the insured quickly and accurately, concentrating on the mechanics of the collision, what happened immediately afterwards and the extent of any damage.

We conduct indemnity and liability investigations and record statements from involved parties either face to face or by telephone with all conversations recorded. We provide our clients with verifiable FACTS upon which to make an informed decision. Reports can be tailored to your specific requirements and we can provide diagrammatic representation of the incident using our own in-house software.

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