Highways Agency

When a road traffic accident causes damage to the motorway infrastructure or street furniture the Highways Agency or their contractor will generally try to identify an insurer who will ultimately be asked to foot the bill for repairs.

It appears the Highways Agency and its contractors have a complex and closely guarded methodology for calculating the repair costs charged to insurers. Over years seeking reimbursement from insurers has become the ‘norm’ with invoices seldom challenged by the industry.

CMA have a dedicated team to handle Highways Agency and Third Party damage claims. From start to finish, they utilize their expertise, experience, skills, time and resources to negotiate appropriate charges for insurers. CMA adopts a methodical, detailed approach to each claim, investigating liability, analysing the composition of repair estimates and negotiating settlement rates with the contractor.  On occasions we withdraw admissions of liability made by our insurers client and the ‘appropriate settlement’ is zero.

Each claim is different, with some taking several weeks to reach a successful conclusion and others over a year. Each case  involves considerable correspondence and discussion with the interested parties.

Insurers can benefit from improved workflow in their claims handling units when CMA are instructed and these complex matters are outsourced.

Our unique approach has been producing consistent double digit savings for insurers. We are confident in our ability to deliver an efficient and cost effective service for our clients, so much so that we share in the financial risks associated with handling the claim. Please contact us by phone or email for further information or to instruct us.


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