SurveyorShip was incorporated to provide reliable and robust Basic Hire Rate evidence to those involved in credit hire disputes. Since 2008 we have been compiling Basic Hire Rate evidence that is independent and unbiased. Our evidence is provided in a timeous, cost-effective and comprehensible manner. This allows our clients to successfully validate credit hire claims.

SurveyorShip is also the proud owner of TrueRate. TrueRate is an innovative web based Basic Hire Rate validation tool which contains a vast archive of Basic Hire Rates. The website was in development for some 12 months prior to its launch. TrueRate holds Basic Hire Rates from over 500 locations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. At its launch TrueRate contained over 1.4 million individual Basic Hire Rates. The archive is updated every single month with each monthly update adding approximately 200,000 new Basic Hire Rates. A user can therefore obtain current and/or historic Basic Hire Rates for each and every month of the year and from any location in the United Kingdom.

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