VRMData was created by CMA, using over 15 years of industry specific knowledge, to provide a simple, cost effective and time efficient vehicle analysis tool for its staff, clients and affiliates.

Using the humble vehicle registration mark as a starting point, CMA has built a bespoke database that works to specific vehicle analysis protocols, reducing the amount of data input, simplifying data protection issues and speeding up the claims validation process.

VRMData requires only the entry of the registration marks of vehicles involved in a collision and the date of the event. The system will then cross reference against the vehicle history (using DVLA, Total Loss register, existing database records, web search results and others) and its bespoke alert protocols to provide the user with an instant report.

Additional data input fields are available to keep track of the claim history as it unfolds, adding hire car details, hire company information, mileages and file notes. A VRM can be ‘monitored’ over 30 and 90 days for any change in status and all VRM records are cross checked against the VIN for accuracy.

VRMData provides the claims operator with an effective alert system for potential suspect collisions, an audit and training tool for newer staff members, and for investigators and counter fraud managers a simple way to augment vehicle history and provenance.

VRMData is under constant development and review, increasing the data streams inputting to the platform whilst maintaining its strict adherence to adding only data relevant to the vehicle itself, not the owners or users.


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