“CMA’s attention to detail and expertise in reporting has always given us the solid evidence needed to defend FOS issues”.

“CMA has been consistently providing the highest ROI on claims costs through its detailed investigation and reporting process”.

“Claims handling has moved on at such a pace over the last decade and CMA have moved with it, in some instances been ahead of the game.  It is no longer sufficient to have a network of statement takers who can knock on doors, ask questions and record answers.  Similarly using voice stress analysis or cognitive interview approaches are fine in the right hands and if the appropriate questions are asked.  The tailored service CMA provide and the support facilities ensure that they are the complete package for us.”

“I was surprised that savings were achieved in relation to highways Authorities claims; our attitude had previously been ‘pay them without question’ but have been pleased with the robust manner in which CMA have handled the issues.”

“They do the simple things thoroughly and the complicated well. As a source of claims handling expertise or just plain good old fashioned advice, they are there to help with vehicle related enquiries. If they do not know the answer they will either research it for us or point us to someone who does. “

“The attitude toward the insured is admirable; we’d never previously dealt with a company that has a cradle to grave knowledge of the vehicle theft environment; from understanding the mechanics of the theft to assisting the innocent purchaser of a stolen vehicle, CMA understand the entire process and speak confidently to our policyholders.”

“A comprehensive claims handling facility covering all facets of the vehicle environment. We commenced by asking CMA to review and investigate our fraud claims. So pleased were we with the results that they are a panel member and routinely handle theft and collision claims from notification. “

“They never seem to standstill. There’s always some novel project being undertaken, a new approach intended to address an old problem saving us time, money or both.”