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CMA Services

“There is no substitute for experience.” It is with good reason we are ‘All Things Vehicle’; for 25 years we have been under the same management. What are we doing right? CMA has never sought to...
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Vehicle Information

Since the mid-1990’s CMA has resolved claims relating to vehicle title and diminution in value disputes. We have a comprehensive and unique understanding of the vehicle data environment.   We also have comprehensive vehicle data knowledge;...
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About Us

CMA is proud to be the UK’s oldest vehicle claims specialist.  How proud?  Our Mission Statement is here and having been with CMA since formed in 1994, our MD had the following to say …...
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Contact CMA

Malling House West Malling Kent ME196QL Tel: 01732 220750 Email: Registered in England & Wales, our registered office is as above, registration # 02955406. We are a Nationwide (UK / Ireland) Loss Adjusting company...
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CMA Services

Vehicle Theft
CMA started life in 1994 and was known for addressing vehicle theft claims. We have a wealth of experience in the arena. A director is a member of IAATI.

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Road Traffic Collisions (RTC)
1995 saw our expertise utilised by World in Action as we assisted with the investigation of a notorious ARC (accident repair centre).

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Third-Party Property Damage (TPPD)
On occasions, the total loss vehicle is the least of an insurer’s worries … the property they strike can be more costly and time consuming to resolve.

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Highways Incidents – Damage to Crown Property (DCP)
Having caused some contractors to change their practices, we are now moving to an era of Highways-England controlled claims. The issue is less the rate utilised and more the amount of them applied. 

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Local Authorities – Damage to ‘Street Furniture’
Commonly engaging the same contractors as Highways England – similar problems arise.

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Vehicles with an Adverse History
Whilst the significance of these may not at first be apparent, it should be borne in mind that we are utilised as no one has such vehicle expertise. We have handled 100’s of claims for title disputes (theft & finance) and diminution in value claims.

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01/06/2021 – Pre Action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims

Changes to the personal injury claims process is changing for people who suffer lower value injuries as a result of road traffic accidents (RTAs).  ...
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Mini Umbrella Companies – More to This?

The BBC reports: More than 40,000 people from the Philippines have been recruited to front British companies as part of schemes costing the UK "hundreds...
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Automated & Electric Vehicles V5C

From April 2021, in line with the Automated & Electric Vehicles Act (AEVA) 2018, the Secretary of State will be required to hold a list...
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W. Mids, Police New Car Theft Figures

In 2018, the West Mids. Police PCC explained 'Car thefts nearly triple'. 03/2021, the Police and Crime Commissioner has published new figures on vehicle thefts...
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2021 Review of The Highway Code

A consultation document setting out the changes proposed and seeking views on whether the changes will help drivers feel better informed and more confident about...
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Too many cooks . . and none of them actually cooking!

Dick Smith QPM is the Law Enforcement Liaison Officer for the ABI and has provided the Associationfo British Investigators with a personal view of why...
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Cars, Keys & Crime @ Christmas and the New Year

Christmas and New Year is 'opportunity' for car crime as thefts may rise by 35 percent according to the Express. Please take the time to consider...
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Fuel Funding Fears

As drivers move to electric vehicles and the intention for these to be the only cars sold by 2030, the consumption of tax-heavy fossil fuels...
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