Abbreviations Associated with Claims & Vehicles

  • ABI – Association of British Insurers
  • Clone – A stolen (or previously written off) vehicle bearing the identity of another
  • DVSA – Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, primarily known for its association with MoT
  • DVLA – Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency
  • Finance – Hire Purchase (H.P.), Lease Agreements, Bills of Sale & Log Book Loans (LBL)
  • HP – Hire Purchase
  • LoS – Lost or Stolen – a categorization appearing upon PNC
  • MIAFTR – Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register
  • MoT – Ministry of Transport (a ‘ministry’ that is no more).  The annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and exhaust emissions required in the United Kingdom for most vehicles over three years old that is still referred to as the MoT from the 100+-year-old ministry
  • Motor Trader – A person or business engaged in the full or part-time importation, exportation,
    sale, leasing, financing, repair, maintenance, broking, repossession of vehicles or
    any company liquidators or vendor and/or installer of vehicle components (to
    include accessories and tyres)
  • NPIA – National Policing Improvement Agency
  • PNC – Police National Computer
    Ringer – A stolen vehicle bearing the identity of a vehicle previously deemed to be a total
  • Salvage Dealer – A party that engages, whether full or part-time (solely or as part of their
    business) in the dismantling, breaking of vehicles and/or the sale or repair of
    salvage (whether or not categorised) or trades as an assessor, engineer, claims
    management (or assistance) company or recovery operator.
  • Title – A legal right to property. ‘Ownership’ as opposed to ‘possession’
  • Total Loss – or ‘write-off’; where an insurer has deemed the vehicle to be uneconomic to
    repair and applied a salvage category
  • V5C – Registration Certificate (otherwise known as the V5, Registration Document or
    Log Book)
  • VIN – Vehicle Identification Number
  • VOSA – Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, replaced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
  • VRM – Vehicle Registration Mark
  • Write-Off – see total loss (above)