e-scooters can be seized if used on roads warn police

e-scooters can be seized if used on roads warn police

An ongoing campaign by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership is reminding riders that the powered scooters are illegal on roads, pavements and cycle lanes.  Despite the fact they have become a common sight in Sussex, laws currently only allow them to be used on private land.

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Do not be distracted by the portability, ease of use and manoeuvrability of these personal transportation devices.  There is no doubt they are practical, economical and in the right conditions, fun.  BUT … note the small wheel size.  These are not bicycles with large diameter wheels capable of taking most of our uneven road surfaces in their stride.  That small front wheel can easily become trapped in gaps – the front wheel comes to an abrupt halt whereas the rider continues.  The devices are light whereas passengers are generally substantially heavier and come crashing to the ground.

Ride where safe to do so for you and those about.

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