Example of a Police Victim Letter


Following the report of theft of your motor vehicle, the Police will make every effort to secure its return to you. This letter sets out what we will do and what will happen if we find your vehicle.

On discovery of your vehicle, where practicable, every effort will be made to contact you and give you the opportunity to make your own arrangements for recovery.

If we are unable to make contact with you, or you cannot attend in reasonable time, or the location of the vehicle necessitates an immediate removal then we will have the vehicle removed by contracted Vehicle Recovery Operator. The recovery operator will then take the vehicle to their premises to facilitate scientific examination for fingerprints, DNA and other forensic evidence.

Removal of the vehicle is important to protect it from damage or further theft, to ensure it cannot be used for other criminal activity and to prevent it from causing an obstruction or danger to other road users or persons.

Once your vehicle has been recovered, we will contact you and inform you where it is being kept and when it can be collected. To collect it, you or your insurer (depending on your policy) will have to pay the recovery agent a Statutory Removal fee and subsequent storage charges.

The recovery and storage charges are set by legislation and start from £150, depending upon the weight of the vehicle and the type of recovery required. Storage fees commence at £10 per day for two-wheeled vehicles and increase according to the weight of the vehicle. These charges are Zero rated VAT.

Storage charges are accrued on a daily basis until a vehicle is collected. There is no charge incurred for the days that the vehicle is held for investigation purposes. Full details of Statutory Charges for recovery and storage will be available at the Recovery Operator’s premises.

If you locate your vehicle yourself and arrange its removal, we would recommend that you arrange a comprehensive check of it before it is driven, to ensure it is safe and roadworthy. If you do recover the vehicle yourself, we are still keen to conduct an examination for fingerprints, DNA and other forensic evidence at a location convenient to you and would ask you make contact with the Police quoting your investigation number. In addition, you are obliged to inform your insurance company of any theft and recovery of your vehicle.

11/2021 Essex