67th IAATI
Vehicle Crime Conference
Glasgow, Scotland
15th – 20th September 2019

The IAATI International Vehicle Crime Conference and Expo 2019 is being hosted by IAATI UK. The event will be hosted in Glasgow in partnership with Police Scotland and presents an excellent opportunity for attendees and providers to showcase industry-leading vehicle crime solutions and products or meet and discuss these approaches with a truly international audience.

There will be delegates from around the world, representing Governments, law enforcement agencies, insurers and other sectors - an opportunity not to be missed!

Below are links to the IAATI 2019 Brochure and the IAATI 2019 Supporter’s Packages, should your company wish to participate and highlight your solutions to counter vehicle crime. If you would like to be part of this event fill in the back of the supporter package document and return it to the IAATI UK President (click here for email). Similarly, if you have any questions, please use the email link.

Further information here: