Vehicle Storage - Metropolitan Police Service

1. The addresses and email details for all Metropolitan Police pounds (owned or provided by third parties).

There are 2 Metropolitan Police vehicle pounds, both staffed and run entirely by police staff.

Charlton Police Pound, Bramshot Avenue, Charlton, London, SE7 7HY

Perivale Police Pound, Walmgate Road, Perivale, London, UB6 7LR

No email addresses have been provided, because the pound staff do not communicate with the public by email.

Where necessary a specific mailbox address will be provided to a member of the public, but only if they are required to produce a copy of a document, or authorisation, in order to secure the release of the vehicle.

Victims of crime, insurance companies and finance companies are provided with a specific pound telephone number in the notice letter they receive.

Communication to insurance companies is carried out by both email and telephone. The email contact is initiated by the pound staff at the time of the vehicle removal, to speed up the process.

Because these email addresses and telephone numbers are all for a specific, limited purpose, they are not made available to the general public and are not disclosed on our web site.

2. The number of vehicles currently held at each pound

The figures below include the total number of vehicles currently stored at each pound, for any reason. This includes vehicles seized or removed under various legislation including the Road Traffic Act, Police Reform Act, PACE and Section 99 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act.

Charlton 808 as of 22/10/18

Perivale 848 as of 22/10/18

3. The number of vehicles held that are ‘released’ i.e. are able to be collected by their owner

It should be noted that vehicles are only retained under S22 PACE if they are required for evidential purposes. This does not include recovered stolen vehicles, which can normally be collected immediately, unless they are linked to a more serious crime.

Charlton 558 as of 22/10/18

Perivale 546 as of 22/10/18

4. The daily storage charge charged by each pound

The statutory storage charge for cars is £20 per day and for two wheelers it is £10 per day. Vehicles over 3.5t attract higher storage fees, in line with the schedule of statutory charges.

The statutory storage charge does not apply to all categories of vehicles. According to the reason for removal, some categories of vehicles are stored at police expense, at no cost to the owner.