New Vehicle Salvage Codes

1st October – New Salvage Categories

The updated insurance industry code of practice for dealing with motor salvage, published in June 2017 came into effect yesterday 01/10/2017.  The new code reflects the increasing complexity of newer vehicles which can make it harder for damaged cars to be safely repaired. It also has a greater focus on the condition of the vehicle rather than repair costs. Changes include:

  •  Replacing previous salvage categories A, B, C and D with
    • A: Scrap
    • B: Break
    • S: Structurally damaged repairable
    • N: Non-structurally damaged repairable
  • The scope of the code has been increased to include some guidance on motorcycles and quadricycles
  • Minimum qualification requirements have been introduced for all individuals who categorise vehicle salvage.

The new code can be read here:- Salvage 2017

The old code can be read here:- Salvage 2007