Highways England Contractors & Inflated Claims

The Earl of Lytton (26/06/2017) stated, in response to the Queen’s speech:

“I welcome the attention being given to the question of spurious personal injury claims in motor accidents, but Highways England’s own contractors are apparently not averse to submitting inflated “green claims”, as they are known, for highway infrastructure damage caused during motor accidents.

These increase insurance costs, too, and appear to be outwith the contractual arrangements with Highways England, and yet nothing seems to be done about them”.*

Over the past years Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd has collated much information to demonstrate, as an example, Kier Highways Ltd., did not price claims against Third Parties (drivers, fleets & insurers) in accordance with their Area 9 contract from day one and that Highways England failed to uncover the conduct – or failed to address it.  That we caused KHL to abandon their first methodology in late 2015 evidences non-compliance from the outset.  Current charging is claimed to be consistent with the contract but this is disputed ... and Area 9 is currently the subject of an investigation. 

We provide further information at www.EnglandHighways.co.uk

*Hansard – click here