We continue to assist insurers and their insureds by providing 'Keeper At Date of Event' (KADOE) information, personal records from the DVLA's keeper register.  Understandably, this is not without restriction however, we are seeking to ensure the permitted reasons are extended to those which are most frequently required by insurers - own VRM.

We understand that where a vehicle is involved in a staged collision (for example), it 'takes 2 to tango'; the complicity involves not just the Third Party, but your own insured.  

As for helping your insured, we would be pleased to assist both you and them by confirming (in the absence of a V5C) that your insured is, as they should be, the registered keeper.  However, thus far, our attempts to be permitted such an approach electronically have been unsuccessful!  This should be explained to the insured who will need to make their own approach, likely using a V888 - click here. Unfortunately, whilst a KADOE request would likely take a few days, the V888 response will probably be weeks.

In the meantime, our clients are reminded of the need to seek information in accordance with 'permitted purposes' and to email CMA for an up-to-date application form. 

The following documents may be of interest and assistance:

We continue in our attempts to ensure both you and your insured's are assisted by being able to make inquiries of own (insured) vehicles:

  • involved in a collision

  • that have been stolen

We will continue to service those requests where fraud is suspected.