Motorway Maintenance Subsidized by Insurers


Do not be bamboozled by Highways England or their contractors.  There are many facets to a claim, lots of figures, much documentation but most issues come down to the basic cost of a component whether it is an Operative (person on the ground), Staff (office worker), Plant (vehicle) or Material (barrier, nuts and bolts etc.). 

Pricing should NOT be complex. It is made to appear complicated to hide the systematic exaggeration undertaken in the name of Highways England on an industrial scale. The process of billing in some areas could not be simpler … cost + uplift = maximum charge to you. But:

  • this aspect of the contract is kept secret from the very people who need it (Third Parties)

  • Kier Highways have (coincidentally?) failed to comply with the contract

  • Even if you could find the above formula, Highways England and Kier will keep from you:

    • the ‘cost’ (£) and

    • the uplift (%)

But we reveal them - click here.

Image - BD14CXE Kier Highways AIW vehicle £36.91 / hour to a Third Party, half that to Highways England, containing two AIW (Asset Inspection Watchmen), about £25 / hour each to Highways England … £65+ / hour to a Third Party … though after 5pm, because they work 8am to 5pm, they are said to be paid 1.5x** their salary and are charged to a Third Party @ almost £100 / hour. Of a weekend, said to be paid double-time**, they are charged at £130 / hour.

*AIW do not work 8am to 5pm, they work shifts. It is claimed they work ‘core hours’ (office hours of 8am to 5pm to justify the uplifts applied.

** AIW’s tell us they are NOT paid the uplifts.