Damage to Crown Property (DCP)

The idea that you can consider a DCP claim in the same manner as any other Third-Party property claim is a fallacy.  The intricacies of these incidents require more than an understanding of the event, attendance, clearance, planning, traffic management, repair processes, materials, sub-contractors, imaging and the array of correspondence that accompanies – or should accompany – such a claim.

These claims are not for the faint-hearted.  Such is the complexity that our 12 years of experience, often at the very sharp end, has given rise to a web-site of its own providing information and assistance to many insurers, adjusters and their legal representatives.  This resource has recently been re-written to address the Authority’s ‘National Schedule Of Repair Costs (NSORC) for network damage (Green Claims).  We note the Authority’s assurances:

  1. of transparency and
  2. giving the insurance industry the ‘benefit of the rates that it has been able to secure in a competitive market’.

With regard to ‘2’, CMA highlighted the issues with the pre-24/06/2019 pricing methodology, namely that (according to Highways England), they have no schedule of costs for such repairs.  This will make it difficult for anyone to determine whether the Authority is actually complying with ‘2’ above.  Indeed, it remains to be seen what rates the Authority has based the new ‘composites’ on. 

Bizarrely, … whilst the Authority may not have a schedule of rates claiming to have overlooked such a price list in any ASC (contract), we have one!

Furthermore, our processes are built around a copy fo the Authority’s ‘Green Claims Handling Manual’.

We do not simply review claims and move onto the next.  Vehicles, Plant and Materials enter our database.  Indeed, since 2009, having established Vehicle Registration Marks (VRMs) of commercial vehicles are not personal data, we upload plant where we hold rates that may be useful to our clients – or anyone else presented a demand for reinstatement.  A VRM search of Google or this site may well return a match.

24/06/2019 – Highways England introduce of a National Schedule of Repair Costs for network damage (Green Claims)

For NSORC information and updates, please visit the web’s only privately owned and maintained a record of developments – the Authority is already on their 3rd incarnation of the rates (accurate as at 01/10/2029) EnglandHighways.co.uk