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claims & correspondence

No one wants to delay your claim.

Typically, claims are progressed promptly where we are provided comprehensive information promptly.  However, information and documentation is not always readily available and it can be frustrating to learn some simple inquiries could have been undertaken at the outset.

To assist you, we have provided a simple guide which can be found by clicking here.



Help us to help you.

If we have been notified of your claim and are appointed to assist its progression, please stay in touch. If you have questions or information this can be conveyed to us easily either by phone (08453 888810 / 01732 220750)


by email

to contact a specific handler please use their

We will be able to locate your claim by use of the reference we generate, your VRM or name. 

Please appreciate that we will expect you to be able to answer some questions to confirm your identity before speaking about a claim, we will only deal with the policyholder in the absence of written authority to speak with another.  Our information security policy can be read here