Terms & Abbreviations used:

ABI - Association of British Insurers

Clone - A stolen (or previously written off) vehicle bearing the identity of another

CMA - that's us; Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd

DVLA - Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency

Finance - Hire Purchase (H.P.), Lease Agreements & Bills of Sale (commonly 'Log-Book-Loans').  This does not usually refer to personal loans that are not secured against the vehicle. 

HP - Hire Purchase

MIAFTR - Motor Insurance Anti-Fraud Theft Register.  A register of total losses (written-off) vehicles.

Motor Trader - A person or business engaged in related activity, for example: the full or part time importation, exportation, sale, leasing, financing, repair, maintenance, broking, repossession of vehicles or any company liquidators or vendor and/or installer of vehicle components (to include accessories and tyres).  The definition of this may be detailed in your policy documentation. 

NPIA - National Policing Improvement Agency

Ringer - A stolen vehicle bearing the identity of a vehicle previously deemed to be a total loss

Salvage Dealer - A party that engages, whether full or part time (solely or as part of their business) in the dismantling, breaking of vehicles and/or the sale or repair of salvage (whether or not categorised) or trades as an assessor, engineer, claims management (or assistance) company or recovery operator.

Total Loss - Or 'write-off'; where an insurer has deemed the vehicle to be uneconomic to repair and categorised the Vehicle accordingly.  the codes can be found by clicking here

V5C - Registration Certificate (otherwise known as the V5, Registration Document or Log Book).

VIN - Vehicle Identification Number - since 1980, generally a standardised construction of 17 characters.

VRM - Vehicle Registration Mark

VRN - Vehicle Registration Number - less seldom used as the identification is alpah-numeric.