Vehicle Data

Claims Management & Adjusting Ltd has invested in bespoke claims handling software.  Our knowledge of vehicles and their data spans decades of policing, liaison with the DVLA, production of two ‘Tricks of the Trade’ videos, providing investigative tools and handling 100’s of claims plus 100’s of vehicle title/ownership disputes.

Unable to locate a claim handling program sufficiently flexible for our needs and expertise, we set about designing such a tool.  The result; ‘CHandler’ (Claims Handler), a bespoke suite of tools that addresses the day-to-day needs of CMA but is capable of handling complex tasks and interacting with other data sources.

Over the past months, we have developed CHandler still further.  The ‘monitoring’ our clients are accustomed to, designed to keep claim costs to a minimum and assist an insured, is well established, accurate and effective.

However, less well known is that in the background, CHandler analysis information and by use of our ‘rules’ outputs potential concerns; issues that need to be addressed.

For the past 6 months, we have been testing new ‘tools’ all of which operate automatically, seamlessly, and discreetly in the background.  03/2020, these features, having completed beta testing, are now part of CHandler’s everyday function the monitoring constant and provided at no extra charge to our clients.