Vehicle Information

Since the mid-1990’s CMA has resolved claims relating to vehicle title and diminution in value disputes. We have a comprehensive and unique understanding of the vehicle data environment.   We also have comprehensive vehicle data knowledge; this is put to use on every claim in respect of which we are instructed.


On occasions, the vehicle in respect of which insurers have the best claim to the title, end up in the hands of an ‘innocent purchaser’.  We are able to undertake enquiries to resolve the dispute for our insurer client.

Pre-purchase vehicle checks exist to help prevent buyers from becoming the victim of the dishonest by providing information gleaned from many sources.  However, incidents arise where, no matter how careful, the new owner finds they have acquired a lemon … or worse:

  • is reported stolen or
  • has an outstanding finance agreement recorded against it or
  • has a total -loss (insurance write-off) history?

We are the Guarantee claims handlers for:-

  • &
  • MotorTradeServices
  • MyCarCheck
  • MyTextCheck
  • RAC Passport

If you completed a pre-purchase inquiry with one of the above services, you may wish to submit a request for the report to be investigated. To do so, click here.