Vehicle Theft

With unrivaled expertise in vehicle theft claims, CMA’s experienced staff ask the right questions to acquire verifiable facts.

From the outset, we do not simply accept that a vehicle is recorded as lost or stolen (LOS) on the Police National Computer (PNC) we check every vehicle registration mark (VRM).  But more than this, we discretely monitor the stolen status and are alerted to ‘recovery’*.  Commonly, we are the first to advise an insured of their vehicle’s recovery and cause them to be reunited with it thereby reducing inconvenience, storage times and costs for all. On occasions, we ensure police records are amended, and accurate.

*the VRM being removed from the PNC LoS register.  Read more about this here.

Automated Daily Data Analysis

Continuous, automated daily analysis of VRM information is performed by our bespoke claims handling software – CHandler. This tailored monitoring and scrutiny systematically runs our ‘rules’ over every VRM in respect of which we are instructed, supporting our clients and staff from day one, alerting us to ‘unusual’ activity from the moment we are instructed, throughout the life of the claim and often beyond.

Robust Processes and Proven Approach

CMA specialises in the prompt acquisition, collation, and presentation of information.

Activity on each new instruction is the subject of annotation in a secure events log evidencing our attention; data updates, emails, messages, letters etc.

An insured is sent a CMA ‘guide’ that explains our involvement and how they can help progress their claim. Concurrently, we screen a claims multiple facets pre-interview.  A face-to-face (f2f) interview, ‘managed conversation’ or telephone interview (at the client’s direction), will be arranged with the insured.  Calls are recorded and securely stored.

For lower value claims, we provide a scheme that focuses on managing the claim outcome based on available information and financial considerations. Frequently, our immediate assessment of the data, and the knowledge we will monitor the stolen status, makes a client’s decision straightforward.

Our prioritisation of the acquisition of verifiable facts enables us to compile fair, balanced, and objectively worded reports covering all aspects of the claim.

A vehicle is stolen every 6 minutes in the UK

There were over 89,400 motor vehicle thefts in England and Wales in 2020/21.  This equates to a theft every 6 minutes, every hour of the day, every day of the week. Even if 50% are found (which they are not!), that’s about 45,000 vehicles that ‘disappear’. If they have a value of £10,000 each, that is a loss of about £450 million per annum.

CMA’s MD remarks:

“Vehicle theft – the taking (stealing) of a vehicle without force – is now commonly alleged to occur by electronic security bypass. However, police reports are largely unchanged from the 1970s, effectively recording: “Vehicle left locked, secure, unattended, unable to assist re suspects”. The investigation is therefore left to those with arguably the greatest interest in the vehicle – the insurer. The extent of the problem is unlikely to be known by many; some police constabularies do not record the method of vehicle theft and/or values”